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Mariel ([personal profile] medievalism) wrote2017-01-30 11:05 pm

Obligatory public post

This journal is friends only.
I am:
  • Mariel / 37 / f / Tampa
  • she / her / Your Majesty
  • a roleplayer / gamer / fangirl.
  • a cat / book / music lover.
  • depressed / anxious
  • open-minded / long-winded / always slightly lost.
  • a grammar snob.
  • an unrepentant slasher.
  • sushi.
You are:
  • sentient (breathing or undead. Sorry, no zombies).
  • able to enjoy the lulz.
  • relevant to my interests.
  • not a feature of Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  • open-minded.
  • able to type properly and appreciate CAPSLOCK abuse.
  • not my editor / not my mom.
  • okay with the gay.
  • still interested? Comment to be added.

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